What do I eat to get big

What do I eat to get big? I eat loads but I just can’t get big! Leave a comment

What do I eat to get big? I eat loads but I just can’t get big!

I am sorry but in this day and age eating loads just don’t cut it! Long gone the fad days of eating everything any anything (btw I hate fucking fads) we actually have research now! If you’re not taking a well proven researched practical approach to your diet then you’re falling behind!

Now my rant is over! I am not about to give you the latest ultimate diet or any special secret from fairy bodybuilding land some guru has just frown out, far from it! I would like to introduce you to the concept of “protein rotation”- something most of you have likely never heard of but it will become the foundation of developing a diet relative to you and your goals! 

By now your probably scratching your head thinking wtf is he on about… so allow me to relate! You have heard of a plate in training right? Well guess what? The same principle applies to your diet! Yes. You can platoe on your diet! If you eat the same meal plan day in day out, sound like about 90% of the bodybuilding community! Not only that but your body starts to become sensitive to those foods which leads to gut irritations and poor digestion colon inflammation and the list goes on- at this point your wondering why you’re not making gains and up your food intake (which just makes things) now you find yourself shitting half the day and the other half wiping your ass. I’ve been there and I ended up a fat 265lb!

Not a good look!

So now you know why you should rotate your diet, now I will show you how with these simple principles!

  • The same diet should not be followed longer than 3 days, meaning don’t eat the same types of foods for longer than 3 days!
  • Don’t repeat a diet unless you haven’t followed it in the last 6 days, meaning don’t eat foods you have eating in the last 6 days again!
  • Go shopping every rotation! This way you will stick to the rotational diet!

It’s as simple as that! So an example of what food you can eat for weekly plan would be as follows.

Rotation one- Monday, Tuesdays

Beef/ Lamb/ Herring/ Cheese/ Macadamia nuts/ Spinach/ Brown rice

Rotations two – Wednesday, Thursday

Chicken/ Duck/ Tuna/ Turkey/ Eggs/ Broccoli/ Potato

Rotation three- Friday

Pork/ Almonds/ Quinoa/ Asparagus

Rotation four- Saturday/ Sunday                

Salmon/ Mackerel/ Broccoli/ Cashew Nuts/ Sweet potato

Note- this is not a diet plan it’s an example of what foods to use in a protein rotation diet plan!  I understand some people may not eat certain foods due to religious beliefs, if so switch that rotation and repeat another! For those who are gluten intolerant like myself, switch carbohydrates types of food accordingly!                                                                                    

How much do you need to eat of those foods?

The debate of how much protein per lb/kg has been going on for light years! One side of the scale you have Arnold recommending only 150g per day and the mass monsters of today are consuming 700-1000g (which I think it’s just insane) my personal take on it, it’s a relative to the individual, I’m not going to give a one size fits all recommendation because it doesn’t work that way! But here are some guidelines you can try and adjust accordingly!

1g per lb/ 1.38g per kg (those recommendations are made by Poliquin, trainer of many gold medallists)

Fat doesn’t make you fat! Sugar does! I have no numbers for fat, because you will find fat were ever you find protein in the right balance (how nature intended)! So if you’re eating the right amount of protein from good quality whole foods then you will be consuming the right amount of fat for you! As for myself I respond best to a 1:1 ratio!

CARBS- The most current over consumed food on the planet!

Bodybuilders and some of the general public have started to catch on to the idea of eating the right amount of carbohydrates and more important eating them at the right times! I have two very simple principles to eating carbohydrates

  • If your over 10% body fat forgets they even exist! You’re not in a suitable state to be eating them and receive the benefits!
  • If you’re below 10% like protein I have no size that fits all, but I recommend 1g per kg lean body mass post workout! Adjust accordingly from their! The lower body fat you have the more you can eat!

To some it all up, it’s all relative to the individuals! Hence why I don’t give out set diets with set numbers that are made to suit everyone, it just doesn’t work like that! Instead I purpose ideas from knowledge and adjust accordingly relative to your body’s needs!

Good luck, Train smart, Train hard!  Smiles all round!


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