What Not to Say to a Female Competitor

What Not to Say to a Female Competitor… Leave a comment


There are some things you shouldn’t say to a female bodybuilding competitor, during prep or otherwise. In fact there are some things you shouldn’t say to a female – or male! – full stop. But these are some of the things I experienced during prep… Which I definitely did not appreciate…

You are too skinny!

Firstly, I’m not ‘skinny’. I am lean. I have pretty low body fat at this point & yes you can see details of my muscles. Yes you can see the shape of some of my joints. But I can hardly get on stage with a layer of body fat covering all my muscles. Covering all my hard work!

You don’t eat enough…

I eat 6 meals today, 5 of which contain carbohydrates. I eat a range of foods; sweet potato, rice, oats, eggs, chicken, white fish, salmon, flaxseeds, spinach, broccoli & the list could continue!

What did you eat today? Two pieces of toast, a supermarket sandwich with a packet of crisps & a bowl of pasta with some form of protein.

I rest my case.

Why are you putting yourself through this…?

I am not ‘putting myself through’ anything. That sounds as though I am making myself suffer severely without reason or purpose. I’m not suffering – it isn’t an easy feat to complete a contest prep but if I ever truly felt I was suffering & giving things up I wouldn’t do it. You are pushing yourself to the limit & making changes to your lifestyle, but you aren’t ‘putting yourself through’ it.

Do you think it’s attractive?

This is the worst – do I think the look is attractive. Really? Do you think I would put all this effort in, make the changes to my body & push myself to these limits if I thought it didn’t look good or was unattractive…? Do you really have to think about the answer to that question?

I love women with muscle. I think it enhances the best features. Enhances the shape & shows something about that woman too. The dedication. The passion.

& the same goes for men – but people don’t often respond in quite the same way to a man with muscle as they do a female.

You look like a man.

Yup because all men have rounded shoulders, cut abs, a tight, high booty, a quad sweep & a tiny waist. Urm… how many men do you see walking down the street in every day life looking like that? I can count on my thumbs how many I have seen today. The concept of the ‘dad bod’ is spectacle to this…

Your face looks terrible.

Some people get diet face. Sometimes this is unavoidable. Sometimes our cheeks get a little sunken & our face gets an extra line or two, but this doesn’t last forever. Losing body fat means you lose it from everywhere, including your face!

We have worked our asses off to get to this point, to be in best condition possible & to look better than we ever have. Do you think we care if our face is a little on the harsher side? & do you think we care about your opinion? The answer is no.

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