Do you drink water from a plastic bottle

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The water in the plastic bottle is contaminated with plastic.
Even 93% of bottled water can contain microscopic particles of plastic.
This is due to the research carried out by the State University of Fredonia and ORB Media.250 bottles from various countries of the World, both international and local brands, were tested.
Plastics like polypropylene, nylon and PET were found in 93% of the samples. On average, 10 microparticles were in the bottle.
Professor Sherri Mason, who conducted the study, says that plastic is literally everywhere. In other studies, she detected plastic in tap water, seafood, beer, sea salt and air. Manufacturers of tested water emphasize that products undergo regular tests and are subjected to filtration.
For now, there is no evidence that microplastics pose a threat to health. Research in this area is just beginning.

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