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When people think of taking supplements the first thing they jump into is protein and whose to blame them, after all, it plays a huge role in one’s diet, so supplementing it also could have huge benefits, we will go into that after. But let’s start basic and actually get an understanding of this nutrient. Protein is a macro-nutrient broken down Into micro-nutrients called amino acids and bcaa, branched chained amino acids, now the main role of these micronutrients is to promote growth and repair, hence why you have to have high levels of protein to recover from training and grow! Using proteins supplements is beneficial but using them at the right times for the right reasons is a whole new ball game, and a lot of people don’t know much about it, most guys will use the same protein for different reasons, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, within this I am going to give a simple template and idea of when and why to use your protein supplements. Let’s start with Mr basic, the protein everyone has heard of, whey! Were does whey come from, believe it or not, but it actually comes from maturing cheese, weirdly enough but moving on, there are a few types of whey, simple whey is the most common supplement on the market and one of the most effective supplements! This is a fast digesting protein, the best times to use whey would be first thing in the morning to break the long fast you have had through sleep, and straight after training, reason being, you have a 15minute window, all the nutrients you absorb within that window compensate the most to your recovery and growth, there are even faster-acting whey protein such as OLIMP WHEY PROTEIN COMPLEX 100% 600g /2270g ,Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Advanced Whey Protein Powder 1814g , and isolate any of the 3 listed would be ideal. Now moving onto the in-between whey concentrate, now the reason I call this in between is that it is not fast releasing neither is it slow, it actually is released over approximately a 2 hour period, so when would be the best time to use this? You guessed it, whey concentrate should be used between meals, this is like the meal replacements or the increase my protein intake supplement, its designed for convenience! For example, you could have a tin of tuna contained 22g protein with a whole potato or a serving of whey concentrate which contains the same protein with a whole potato simple! Now for a supplement that feels has huge benefits and should be an important part of one’s supplements regime. Casein, casein is a very slow releasing protein which can have huge benefits in the time you grow, as we all know we don’t grow when we train, we actually do most of our recovery when sleeping, now as I mentioned earlier we use protein (amino acids and bcaas) to repair and rebuild tissue, this is where casein comes in, you need something that will feed your muscles while you sleep, now I am not saying that casein will feed your muscles for the whole 8 hours of sleep, but a good quality casein can last up to 5-6 hours, that means your stomach will only be empty for 2-3 hours. That’s a huge difference from a long 8, also as your body Is recovering you’re are feeding it with the nutrients it requires, casein would be best used before bed! Now we have covered the benefits of all those and when to use them, you can now implement it into your own diet and supplement regime.

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