What is it pre workout? How does it work? Answers are pretty straight forward. They are designed to enhance and boost your training so you can train longer and more efficient. We got a stimulants and non stim preworkouts. The first one contain stimulants like caffeine with which you have to be careful to take especially when you go w high blood pressure. they are not recommended to take before evening workouts as they will affect your sleep.

Non-stimulant pre-workout help to increase blood flow, deliver more oxygen to your muscles and create bigger pumps. Tingling sensation on your skin is caused by beta-alanine which is relaxing your blood vessels which pushes your blood to the furthest part of your muscles making them work harder. When to take it? Stimulants pre workout are best to take in the morning or in the day time. For the evening gym sessions or for the people with high blood pressure the best solution will be the non-stim pre workouts.

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