Olimp AAKG 1250 120 Capsules

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Supplementing the diet with L-arginine
One capsule is 1250 mg of pure AAKG!
Improved muscle nutrition by increasing NO production
Fatigue reduction and strong muscle “pump”!

For the first time on the market, the highest quality AAKG in a staggeringly high, unprecedented dose of 1250 mg in one Mega Caps.

AAKG Extreme in the form of a well-absorbed arginine alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) supplements the diet with L-arginine.

Arginine is a nutrient that produces biological active compounds in the body, such as, for example, nitric oxide (NO). In addition, arginine serves as a donor of the formamidine group in creatine biosynthesis.

Recommended Consumption:
During physical exercise: use 3 capsules a day – 1 capsule before training, 1 after exercise, and 1 at bedtime.
For people striving to maintain sexual performance: take 1-2 capsules once about 30 minutes before the expected sexual intercourse.

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120 Capsules