BCAAs stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. These are L-Leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. Best if they come in the 2:1:1 proportion.
These three amino acids play a significant role in building new muscle fibers, strongly activate the anabolism of new muscle proteins and prevent catabolic processes. They are mainly given to athletes as supplements to prevent central nervous system fatigue. They lead to the improvement of exercise capacity in long-term endurance training. BCAA is also a core supplementation for strength training, which is an excellent weapon in the fight to build lean muscle mass. Whether you want to lose weight or gain mass it is the number one supplement to have. If you want to lose fat, BCAA will prevent you from destroying your muscles and speed up your fat loss.
The richest source of branched chain amino acids in the diet is beef, chicken breast, tuna, salmon, egg, peanuts, soybeans, and cottage cheese.

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