The importance of quality

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The importance of quality

You might think protein is the substitute for growth if that’s the case go and follow a protein only diet and see how far you get. Protein alone will not help you grow. No matter how much protein you have if you are not consisting healthy fats, fibre and carbohydrates you won’t get any bigger. High protein is just a stigma developed by companies that sell it. In Arnold’s day, they actually followed a low protein diet, and the oak himself developed 22inch arms and a 57inch chest! You still think you need just high protein? I would put Arnold’s progress down to genetics and also one over important key factor! The quality of food he was eating. The reason Arnold or any other bodybuilder of his time didn’t need a high protein diet is that the quality of the food they were eating was extremely good. The better the quality of food the less you would have to eat and honestly if you eat good quality food you wouldn’t be able to eat a lot of it, its very filling. It’s like eating in a restaurant you get full up of a standard meal because its good quality, but when you eat in Mc Donald’s your hungry half hour after. So the idea is to go for free-range organic products, I would much rather spend the extra money on organic food than supplements. Now in terms of a diet, a lot people abandon fiber. Which is really stupid. Fibre is extremely important for the strength of our immune system; your muscles will only be big as the strength of your immune system, so a lot of fibre from leafy greens and spinach leaves. Healthy fats these are almost essential for male’s testosterone. Never take fats away from protein, this would be stupid. You need fats to digest proteins, they work of each over. Hence why you always find them together in foods! Carbohydrates, now theirs to types of carbohydrates, there are simple carbs and complex carbs. Avoid simple carbs such as jam and fruit juices shit like that! Complex carbs are the ones you need such as sweet potatoes and brown rice. So the idea is to have a meal that consists of protein and fats which come hand in hand and add additional complex carbs and fibre. I wanted to personally direct this article to the importance of good quality food and point out to avoid simple carbs (sugars) these cause health problems. This isn’t the GDA guidelines we are not going to recommend 5 fruit and vegetables a day, we don’t want to piss your insulin off and make you type 1 diabetic. Believe me, that’s their idea of healthy eating, making people insulin resistant, that way they can take more money to pay for medication for illnesses they cause, good luck! Also, I wanted the target the stupid stigma being created about fat making you fat. Fat cannot make you fat, sugar makes you fat. All companies that say they have only a small percent of fat in their product fill their products with sugar. So at the end, you will still get fat! I would recommend you eat good quality food and avoid sugar and medication!

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