All you need to know about Creatine!

“Creatine facilitates the building of glycogen stores” – Creatine monohydrate with added carbohydrates increases the rate of renewing glycogen stores after intensive training more efficiently than carbohydrates themselves, according to a study by Paul Greenhaff Volunteers were riding stationary bikes with an intensity of 70% of the maximum effort, after which High-carbohydrate diets also consumed up to 20g creatine liked placebo for 6 days

Creatine accumulated greater muscle glycogen stores during the course of the experiment During intense training or prolonged effort the breakdown of glycogen in the muscles powers the body during aerobic or anaerobic exercise, and the breakdown of glycogen in the liver It makes it possible to replenish blood sugar.

The exercise capacity of the body depends largely on glycogen stores in both muscles and liver. The rate of breakdown of glycogen supplementation depends on the intensity and duration of training, physical fitness and carbohydrate intake before, during and after training.

To long training has a negative effect on the amount of glycogen in the liver and muscles, which translates into a weakening of the results achieved. Glycogen deficiency means fatigue, reduced motivation and increased susceptibility to injuries. High-carbohydrate diet combined with creatine supplementation promotes regeneration after intensive training.