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It all started for me back when I first left School, starting my first job as part of a Landscaping Gardening apprenticeship. Lifting concrete blocks, slabs, digging holes etc. all day long was a massive struggle. My boss at the time suggested that I joined a gym to help me build up a bit of strength! 

So I did, I have to be honest I have never looked back. I first signed up at a small local gym about 5mins walk away from home, ‘MenZone’ was the name of the gym.  

I was shown the basics by an instructor working there at the time, Darren. However looking back now I really did not have a clue what I was doing, but there was something about it that I absolutely loved! 

Following on from that I carried on with what I would call very much ‘on and off’ training for a number of years. Trying various different gyms during this time, looking back now. Not really making much progress at all.  

2017, I decided I was going to take things a bit more seriously. I was then training at a gym called ‘The Armoury’  

January 2017 the gym was running a 3 month transformation competition for its members, I decided to enter. I was determined to win! After doing lots of research I constructed my own diet and training plan, what followed was brilliant. My body just transformed, I was able to win the competition. I was totally thrilled! 

After this I decided to carry on dieting and I entered my first ever bodybuilding competition! IBFA West Midlands, I entered the first timers category.  Looking back now I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing and looked pretty poor. However I loved every minute of it. Picking up a 3rd place trophy.  I was able to meet some great people who would go on to help me on my bodybuilding journey in to the future.  I was able to learn so much from this experience and I knew in my mind that it was something that I wanted to try and pursue! 

After the show I knew that I really needed to progress, with my training partner at the time Ben we really started to push things hard in the gym. Getting some good sessions in while increasing the food so I could grow! 

Unfortunately this progression didn’t last long, end of September 2017 I suffered a bad fall at work. Herniated my L5 S1 disc, this was the worst experience of my life by far. At my worst point I was really struggling to function just with normal everyday tasks. I had to have help with getting dressed in the morning. This was not a very good time for me at all.  

February 2018 I was able to have my spinal surgery that was required to fix the issue. I remember being in constant pain, then when waking from the operation the pain was suddenly gone. That was such a truly amazing feeling. 

Following on from the operation the rehab work started, this was a long and steady process. Something that I knew I had to get right, not rush and follow the advice of the professionals if I wanted to get my life back on track again. 

This consisted of various different treatments, progressive mobility work along with strengthening work starting off in the water before eventually moving into the gym. 

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