Olimp Dextrex Juice 1000g Orange flavor


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Olimp Dextrex Juice 1kg Orange flavor


Olimp Dextrex Juice is a well-conceived complex of pharmaceutical-grade dextrose, micronized taurine and a considerable amount of magnesium. The entire formula facilitates the optimization of creatine activity, as well as bringing other benefits.

Adding creatine to a diet can, for instance, increase the pace of ATP regeneration in muscle cells and as a result facilitate the growth of both strength and muscle mass. When using Dextrex Juice, you can be certain that you are getting its optimal effects.

How is Dextrex Juice different from popular dextrose?

Pharmaceutical-grade dextrose included in Dextrex Juice® facilitates the quick replenishment of muscle glycogen while stimulating the production of one of the most anabolic hormones of the human body – insulin.

We did not want this effect to be one-way, so tauring was added to the mixture. It is widely known that taurine – despite having no muscle-building properties – has a profound impact on the pace of muscle growth, by both its supportive and protective (anti-catabolic) effect. Additionally, it increases the transport of creatine into target cells. It also actively supports the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Magnesium, intentionally included in Dextrex Juice®, allows creatine to perform its function – supporting ATP production in muscle cells. The lack of availability of magnesium is a limiting factor for the speed of ATP production from creatine. Without it, creatine cannot be fully effective!

A further difference are the exquisite flavors: apple, lemon and orange, which make the supplementation Dextrex Juice not only advantageous (as presented above), but also pleasurable!

Recommended use
As creatine transporter: dissolve 1 portion (ca. 40 g – 65 measuring units = 2 scoops or 4 flat tablespoons) in 250 ml of water. Prepared beverage can be used to dissolve a fixed portion of creatine.

Dextrex Juice can be used as an additional supplement or a single carbohydrate supplement of recovering glycogen reserves. Best used after training in ca. 20-60 g of powder per portion. Not suitable for diabetics.

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