Naughty Boy Menace 30 Servings 420g


Menace is a fully transparent, versatile pre-workout that is designed to cover all areas of your workout, including increased energy and concentration, as well as increased pump and performance.

The main ingredients are citrulline and GlycerSize glycerol, which increase vasodilation and improve blood circulation, thus supporting the muscle pump that lasts throughout your training.

In addition, the formula provides tyrosine along with AlphaZone (alpha-GPC) for extreme focus, as well as beta-alanine to help buffer lactic acid and improve endurance during these last few repetitions. The combination of caffeine and other effective stimulants will provide you with a powerful energy boost and support both mental and physical performance.


Pre-Workout Servings for Naughty Boy Meance:

Serving size: 1 small heaped scoop (14.5 g)

Number of servings in please: 30


Naughty Boy Meance before training:

Naughty Boy ™

L-citrulline (vegan fermented) 4000mg

Glycersize ™ (65% glycerol powder) 2000 mg

Beta-Alanine 3200 mg


A simple threat

Anhydrous Caffeine 390mg

Theacrine 125 mg

Biophtum 150mg


Tunnel vision

Choline bitartrate 1000 mg

L-Tyrosine 1000mg

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Weight420 g
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 cm

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