Universal Animal Pak44 Packs Mens Multivitamin Vitamins Minerals


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3 in stock



  • The most popular training package in the world for 30 years
  • Supports post-workout regeneration
  • It stimulates and adds vitality
  • It replenishes the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals
  • Increases appetite
  • It improves metabolism


In all its ingenuity designed in the European version, the human body as a machine that can achieve certain. In fact, very little has changed ours since the beginning of humanity. When it comes to feeding our muscles, we still need the lift we get in our diet. But when it comes to gaining muscle at a crazy pace, we need the right combination of and mega amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (EFAs).

Only Animal Pak has what. You are, after all, the primal beast that trains with animal intensity. You need a lot of equipment and a few extras that are included in Animal Pak. At any time in the pack, you get a dizzying array of around 55 ingredients, delivered to you in the right quantities and on time, always. Each of the 11 tablets included in the package has been specially created to find you the necessary elements.

By taking Animal Pak, you don’t get too hung up on nutritional deficiencies. Many legitimate nutrients rely on enzymes and other substances in your body to activate them. What your body lacks is that these words substances may not work at all, so you may find that you are wasting your hard-earned money on nutrients that won’t or can’t work. Imagine Animal Pak as the steel armor of your nutrition program, your body’s first line of defense. If you are training level-ups, taking the Animal Pak is a must. Remember that the answer to this question is very late, very little time has survived. When you are ready to choose the best remedy, choose the best remedy for professional bodybuilding: Animal Pak.

After workout use OLIMP WHEY

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