Allnutrition Spirulina 800mg Tablets Detox, Immune System Booster


Spirulina the biomass of blue green algae is spiral-shaped and it is mainly found in ponds. It is quite popular with both humans and animals due to its health properties. It was a famous food source for the Aztec people. Spirulina can be taken in several forms such as tablets powder or even flakes.
Apart from humans, this nutrient high substance is famous in both aquaculture and poultry sector. Some people refer to it as the single most nutritious food on the planet. Apart from the nutritional value it adds, it is revered due to its healing properties since it takes care of quite a number of medical conditions. It can therefore be described as a superfood.
Health benefits
Spirulina has quite a number of health benefits that play a huge role on boosting one’s health and well-being. Some of the benefits include.
Regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels
For those who have a problem with exercise, lifestyle changes and healthy dieting, consuming spirulina may come in handy. Taking spirulina  helps lower cholesterol levels within the body and this is accelerated if it is done alongside eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. This way diseases such as atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood cholesterol levels are avoided.
High nutrient content
Spirulina is famous for its high nutrient concentration. Unlike other foods, a gram of this extraordinary supplement can contain up to five nutrients. It is a complete protein with about 60%-70% protein composition by weight. It contains all essential amino acids that can be derived from any product. It also has huge amounts of calories as well as numerous nutrients and this especially applies for B complex vitamins and dietary minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese. It has a considerable amount of lipids as well.
Fighting of allergies
It is very effective in fighting allergies. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to fight allergy problems caused by irritants such as pollen, dust, animal hair and even wheat dust. It also helps ease nasal congestion, nasal discharge, sneezing and even an itchy throat. What it basically does is it stops the release of histamine which is attributed to causing all problems on allergy.
Helps in improving muscle and body endurance.
Spirulina has high antioxidant characteristics that fight exercise induced oxidation. It also helps to improve muscle and body endurance, thus enabling the body to fight of fatigue, build muscle strength and improve athletic ability. This way your muscles can tackle difficult tasks without suffering fast exhaustion.
Effective against anemia
It helps to improve hemoglobin in the red blood cells. This is very important especially to old people since a high hemoglobin content means a healthy immune system. This can be partly attributed to the fact that it supplies the body with all the nutrients it might need which includes iron which is very essential for blood formation. It also has ability to increase the production of antibodies which are responsible for fighting all sorts of disease-causing microorganisms.
How to take:  1 capsule daily.

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