Olimp Taurine Mega Caps 120 Caps.


Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid formed from methionine and cysteine. It occurs in the body as a free amino acid or a component of simple peptides – in platelets and bile, where it forms taurocholic acids with bile acids. This amino acid is not a building block of body proteins, but it is essential in the processes of their transformation.

The human body produces small amounts of taurine, but its amount is insufficient, especially for young and growing organisms as well as those exercising. Taurine, like glutamine, stores nitrogen in the body. During exercise, the body produces and releases excessive amounts of serotonin, a hormone that causes muscle catabolic reactions. Taurine reduces the production of this hormone.

The reduced amount of serotonin produced means that the body does not feel tired and can exercise much longer

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120 Capsules