Olimp L-Carnitine 1500 Extreme 120 Caps


L-carnitine mediates the transport of fat components  fatty acids to energy centres such as mitochondria. Each capsule of the product, thanks to the MEGA CAPS technology, contains as much as 1000 mg of pure L-carnitine in the form of a highly bioavailable tartrate.

L-carnitine is a key element in the final stage of the fat breakdown process. It transports free fatty acids to the sites of their final oxidation, which takes place in the cell’s energy centres – the mitochondria. This process provides enormous amounts of energy, which significantly increases the body’s exercise capacity.

-The most economical L-carnitine on the market
-Proven and effective fat reduction in Mega Caps
-A shocking dose of 1500 mg of L-carnitine tartrate in one capsule
-Reduces the reserves of subcutaneous fat

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120 Capsules