Olimp Gold VITA-MIN anti-OX super sport 60 caps


Gold VITA-MIN anti-OX super sport is a composition of the most important antioxidants for athletes contained in ANTI-OX POWER blend and essential vitamins (including the best form of vitamin C available on the market – Pure Way-C, B vitamins, folic acid, anabolic vitamin D) and Albion minerals chelated with amino acids (VITA-MIN POWER complex) help to maintain unwavering health condition and the highest level of involvement in training. The maximum bioavailability of the vitamin and mineral components of the preparation has been guaranteed thanks to the use of Astra Gin. It is a patented blend of false ginseng extracts and membranous astragalus, the active ingredients of which increase the absorption of amino acids, glucose and vitamins into the cells by 62, 57 and 50%, respectively.

The concentration of antioxidants and enzymes involved in their removal is much lower in the muscle tissue than in other organs, e.g. the liver. This undoubtedly creates the need for appropriate supplementation of compounds with these properties, especially among physically active people. It is obvious that our diet should be enriched with products based only on the most effective and best selected, both in terms of quality and quantity, antioxidants.

-Supports all ways of removing toxins from the body
-Standardization of plant extracts
-Maximum effectiveness with a single dose per day

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60 Capsules