Fitness Authority Napalm 500 g Pear Kiwi


Strong Pre-workout Pear Kiwi Flavour
The powerful pre-workout stimulant
Boosts energy Increases focus and concentration
Accelerates nutrients and oxygen transport
Improves buffering capacity
Decreases lactic acid accumulation
Removes free radicals from working muscles Ensures proper hydration
No added sugar

Xtreme Napalm is a powerful highly advanced pre-workout stimulant. It was designed especially for the most effective preparation before intensive strength or endurance training sessions. Xtreme Napalm® starts working just a few minutes after taking the first dose and gives a strong feeling of all body tissues excitation. Arginine and beta alanine delivered by Xtreme NO-Volumizing Complex enhance nitric oxide (NO) release from epithelial tissue which dilates blood vessels accelerating nutrients and oxygen transport to working muscles and giving the strong feeling of “perpetual pump” during all training session.


Weight500 g
Dimensions15 × 10 × 15 cm

Pear Kiwi


Fitness Authority

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