Allnutrition Tribulus Testosterone booster – 100 caps


Tribulus Allnutrition 100 caps

· Increases nitrogen retention

· Increases protein synthesis

· Decreases triglycerides and cholesterol level

· Relieves the feeling of fatigue

· Improves blood flow in muscles

· In a natural way, raises the level of anabolic hormones

TRIBULUS is a professional pro-testosterone formula containing ultra-concentrated Tribulus extract, standardized for 60% content of bioactive saponins. Tribulus provides natural, plant substances supporting the production of testosterone – a hormone that oversees anabolic processes in the body and regulates sex drive. It has a positive effect on the construction of muscle mass, the rate of fat burning and the effectiveness of post-workout regeneration in athletes and physically active people.

Product designed for men, whose task is to increase the natural level of testosterone, which affects the construction of muscle mass, the rate of fat burning but also increases endurance and sexual potential.

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